A pair of red shoes makes a black dressed woman shine.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My most personal pair of red shoes

I love sewing and creating clothes but I don’t know if fashion has the same effect on me. In fact, if someone asked me what I like the most about it I guess I couldn’t find any answer. I usually consider it as something mayfly, without any personality at all, or at least not from an individual point of view. Coco Chanel once said “la mode se démodé, le style jamais” and she was quite right. Red shoes never go out of fashion, they always have style. And personally, I love them.

Me apasiona coser. La moda ni siquiera sé si lo hace. De hecho si alguien me preguntara qué es lo que más me gusta de ella me temo que no podría responder. Suelo considerarla como algo efímero, pasajero, carente de personalidad, o al menos no desde un punto de vista individual.  Coco Chanel decía: “la mode se démode, le style jamais”; y no le faltaba razón. Unos zapatos rojos nunca pasan de moda, siempre tienen estilo. Y a mí, personalmente, me encantan.

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  1. great, congratulations for creating la scarparossa, go on with the idea, and enjoy it.
    You're on the right way,